We build a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners

We build a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners

We have developed our Code of Conduct for Business Partners with which we want to emphasize the three fundamental principles that guide our operations. These are social responsibility, integrity and security.  With the Code, we seek to ensure responsibility towards people and the environment and to ensure that our operations are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and ethically sound. This is exactly what we also expect from our business partners.

Why social responsibility, integrity and security?

  • Through our socially responsible activities, we create added value for all our stakeholders.
  • We are establishing an environment of fair business and responsible behaviour in accordance with ethics and integrity in the direction of healthy competitiveness, a safe working environment and the economic environment as a whole.
  • Health and safety are of paramount importance and are beneficial to the operations of the organization.

Code of conduct for Business partners (pdf.)

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