About us

We specialize in welding and cutting systems. We provide our customers with solutions that help them become leaders in their industries because their processes are faster, more reliable and bring them more money.

We cover the fields of electric arc welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting.

We strive to be a system partner for our customers, which means not only selling equipment, but also cooperating in choosing the optimal equipment for their needs, solving technological problems in production and taking care of the smooth and long operation of delivered systems.

Why work with us

  • We are a reliable business partner, which is confirmed by hundreds of our satisfied customers.
  • We are distinguished by more than 20 years of experience.
  • We have many references from highly reputable manufacturers in various industries: automotive industry, mechanical engineering, sheet metal processing, etc.
  • We offer effective solutions for the most demanding tasks, such as welding lines for welding car chassis, robotic welding applications for welding car lifts and many others ...
  • Lots of expertise. Our team consists of more than 15 experienced engineers who will certainly help you find solutions for even the most demanding welding challenges.
  • Device maintenance support and organized remote assistance around the clock.
  • We are the company with the fastest responsiveness. We always respond within 24 hours.
  • The fastest delivery in Slovenia and abroad.
  • Organized field support throughout Slovenia and abroad.

Quality policy of the company Virs d.o.o.

  1. Quality is the basic orientation of the company. The basic goal is to develop and sell quality solutions and products that meet the needs and requirements of the customer.
  2. We strive for optimal quality in terms of long-term economic effects. Customer opinion is crucial in quality assessment.
  3. Our solutions and products must fully comply with the requirements set by national and international regulations and standards.
  4. Solutions and products must satisfy any customer no matter how demanding both in terms of functionality or usability as well as be friendly to humans and the environment.
  5. The quality of the company is also reflected in respecting the agreed deadlines, product availability, competitive prices and the quality of business as a whole.
  6. We encourage and reward employee creativity.
  7. We like to keep our employees happy. We provide our employees with personal and professional development.

In the Direction of Social Responsibility ...

We build a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners. We follow the principles of social responsibility, integrity and security. For us, these are the foundations on which we realise even the most "crazy" ideas.

We respect the relevant legislation and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics. Our business performance is transparent. We build a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners.

We strive towards a fair manner of doing business and this is exactly what we expect from our business partners.

Code of conduct for business partners (pdf.) 

VIRS d.o.o.

Industrijska ulica 4B
SI - 9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 574 24 45

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