LaserFlex - robotic laser welding cell

Be one step ahead of the competition - weld up to 10 times faster.

LaserFlex – a reliable, precise and efficient robotic laser welding cell! LaserFlex is the answer to the high technological needs of your production.

It is a turnkey system solution with the most advanced technology for innovative and cost-effective production.

LaserFlex provides quality and optically perfect welds for your products which will enable you to compete on a global scale. 

LaserFlex is adapted for welding both small and large series. You will achieve an exceptional weld quality, without the need for post-processing. 

Laser technology - complex challenges become simple

Laser technology allows two different modes of laser welding. You can weld materials with thicknesses from 0.01 mm to 50 mm.

  • Conductive laser welding: This process is suitable for sensitive and thin materials or if you experienced problems with conventional welding procedures due to thermal deformations.
  • Penetration welding: The laser heats the workpiece to such a temperature that the material not only melts but also partially evaporates.

The compatibility of all embedded components ensures simplified robot programming.

The welding cell is flexible and allows you to upgrade and adapt to the needs of your production in a very short time. 

Offline LaserFlex programming with Roboguide software

Roboguide software will allow you to prepare a robot program on your personal computer, while LaserFlex will be in production. You will program faster and reduce unproductive times.

WeldCockpit – connect and analyze your production processes!

With the WeldCockpit software application you will be able to monitor and document technical and economical parameters in robotic laser welding, according to industry 4.0 standards. 

Your welding challenge + our knowledge = LaserFlex!

LaserFlex - robotic laser welding cell


LaserFlex is the answer to your production needs!

  • You will increase productivity. You will weld up to ten times faster.
  • You will achieve an exceptional weld quality. The welds will be solid, strong, non-porous, and aesthetically perfect. The metallic luster of the base material will be preserved. Repeatability is guaranteed as the robot does not “forget”.
  • You will reduce the cost per welded unit. The laser welding technique is characterized by high efficiency and economy. In most cases, there is no need for post-processing.
  • You will be convinced by the high level of reliability. Laser welding is a reliable and consistent technological process.
  • You are guaranteed the flexibility of laser technology. You have the option of welding different shapes and materials.
  • Save time and money. The longer your welding process and the more aftertreatment you need for conventional welding processes, the more LaserFlex pays off.
Welding equipment repair service
The company employs educated and experienced staff in the field of welding equipment repair service. We respond within 24 hours and fix the problem as quickly as possible.
Cutting equipment repair service
Our employees who are in charge of servicing cutting equipment are continuously trained by our suppliers.
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