CoboFlex - collaborative robot

CoboFlex is a collaborative welding robot that can be implemented quickly and easily in any production. It is characterized by the quick and easy installation in every production, intuitive programming and flexible execution of tasks. The collaboration between human and robot has never been so easy!

CoboFlex is a COLLABORATIVE ROBOT, your new co-worker that interacts with you at the same time and on the same job. Save time and space and make your team stronger. High safety standard guaranteed.

CoboFlex is a FLEXIBLE, modern MODULAR SOLUTION for unlimited possibilities of use.

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With CoboFlex, your production will be more productive!

Technical data:

Reach 1418 mm
Load capacity on the 6th axis 10 kg
Number of axes 6
Repeatibility + - 0.04 mm
Movement speed 250 mm/s in collaborative mode, 2000 mm/s in non-collaborative mode

According to the ISO 10218 standard

Robot working area

The working area of the robot can be limited by using virtual safety limits that the robot must not cross. This restriction only applies to the top of the 6. axis of the robot, other parts of the robot arm can cross this limit. The working area can also be limited by individual axes, where we determine the upper and lower value of the angles between which the robot can move.

Hand guidance

In manual mode, the robot can be operated by hand. It can be moved while writing the robot program with the help of a learning device. By pressing a button on the learning device that allows manual guidance, the robot is in gravity compensation mode.

Speed and safety distance control

The robot controller has a built-in peak speed control function of the 6. axis of the robot and individual axes. Speed control prevents the movement of the top of the 6. axis at a higher speed than the program's limit. Speed control in other axes is added from a safety aspect when the robot is placed in a singular configuration in which very high speeds can occur. When the limit is exceeded, the robot stops safely.

Intuitive programming

We teach you to program in one day. No prior knowledge is needed.

CoboFlex - collaborative robot


  • With CoboFlex you will maximize the productivity of your production and gain on the quality of your welds.
  • CoboFlex is a compact and flexible collaborative robot that enables a quick and easy switch to a new work process.
  • Built-in safety mechanisms ensure the highest standards of human protection and safety.
  • Additional safety equipment not necessary.
  • Very low investment value. Robotic welding is accessible to everyone.
  • CoboFlex is delivered with all the necessary equipment.
  • We teach you to work with CoboFlex in one day.
  • Quickly, easy anf intuitive programming. Programming has never been so easy.
  • You can teach the robot to work also by moving it with your hand.
  • It can be implemented QUICKLY and EASILY into every production. It takes 2m2 of space. 
  • CoboFlex needs extremely low maintenance.
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Cutting equipment repair service
Our employees who are in charge of servicing cutting equipment are continuously trained by our suppliers.
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